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Reverse mortgage: Is it good or bad?

               A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that cater to homeowners aged 62 and upwards. This loan converts their home equity into much needed cash. This program can help retirees  and become an effective tool for them to assist in their financial needs. However there are things to consider and if done hastily and without proper understanding this program can become a financial nightmare, Not only for you but for your heirs as well. One problem you will need to consider is that interest rates tend to be higher than for other home loans. If you want to find out the price of your home, you can use an online reverse mortgage calculator to determine the price of your home if you so choose to partake in this program.

The amount home owners can borrow varies by the lender. But most of the time, this type of loan considers the borrower’s age, home value and interest rates at the time they close.

When a borrower decides to get a reverse mortgage loan without checking the initial price of the property through a reverse mortgage calculator, or takes the loan without proper understanding of program, will lead to a lot of financial problems.

Factors to consider

A reverse mortgage loan will affect you, your monthly expenses and to add to the foregoing, put your property as collateral. So in other words, if you can’t pay off the debt you and your heirs will be having problems or you will otherwise have to sell your property. Use different reverse mortgage calculators to get a better idea on how much your home will get you if you choose to get this type of loan

Due date. The amount borrowed will only be due once the owner of the property dies, or moves out of the property. So if you are planning to move anytime soon, getting this type of loan will not be in your best interest.

Tax and insurance. Although you are not paying monthly dues for your mortgage, tax and insurance still needs to be paid by the borrower, hence, proper planning and assessment of your monthly expenses is still needed.

The state you are in and the lender. There are different types of reverse mortgage loans offered by different lenders and there are different laws to consider in each state that affects your loan. This is why some reverse mortgage calculators ask for your zip code or the state you are in. It is best to get a full understanding of not only the process of getting the loan but also the determining factors that affect you and your property in the state that you are in and the offers of the lenders.

Eligibility and amount. This program is open for homeowners aged 62 and up and the amount is usually determined by the current accumulated home equity amount. So knowing the amount you will be able to get from this loan is very essential. That is why you will definitely need a reverse mortgage calculator to help you determine the possible amount you can borrow to assist you in deciding whether or not the loan will be worth it.


Before proceeding with this type of loan, many factors needs to be considered, factors like your monthly expenses, the lender you with to borrow from, the state you are in, are you eligible to get this loan? And many other questions to answer before you decide to jump in this financial decision. So think things through and plan out your next move to avoid a financial nightmare or the loss of your property. To get a bird’s eye view of the amount you can get from your home try also using, online reverse mortgage calculators. Best of luck and good day!