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10 Important Things to Know Before You Move to Australia

If you are thinking of moving to Australia, you are about to make a choice that will entirely change the way you see the world.

According to reports from U.S. News & World Report, 6000 millennials from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States of Americas rated Australia as one of the best countries to live in. Australia is a massive and multiracial country – about the same size as Europe, and measures more than three million square miles, with a great climate and delightful destinations.

Like every other place in the world, moving to a new environment might pose a challenge, especially if you are unaware of what you need to live in the country.

To help smooth your move, here are 10 important things to take note of before moving to Australia

1.  Australians are Friendly People

One of the big issues people have when moving to a new country is making new friends. In Australia, you don’t have to worry. Australians are always receptive to visitors and are good at helping others whenever required.

You can have a long conversation with a complete stranger in Australia, and, according to the 2016 Economist Intelligence Unit global livability survey, Sydney was marked as the world’s second friendliest destination.

You might meet people occasionally who are not friendly, but they are in the minority.

2. Australia is Expensive

Seriously, living in Australia is expensive. So, before you move to Australia, make sure you have enough money to sustain you while you look for a new job.

However, don’t let the high cost of living scare you off, as it eventually balances out with so many free things. You will always find free clubs, events, festivals, exhibitions, pop-up markets, public BBQs and beaches. So, you can have more fun with less money.

Also, bear in mind that Australia ranks high as one of the countries in terms of high paying wages. So, you wages will eventually be on a par with the high standard of living.

3. Australia is Big

Australia is a really big country. Most people do not realize this when they initially move to the country until they are challenged with high transportation cost. The country is big, and its towns are spread far apart.

4. Get a Good Shipping Company

If you are moving to Australia from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, or other countries close to Australia, you will need a good and reliable shipping company.

If you engage a decent moving company like Ausmove, you might not have to leave too many of your belongings behind during your move to Australia.

5. The Best Cities to get a Good Job are Melbourne and Sydney.  

The bigger the city, the more opportunities for you.  Melbourne is a multiethnic city and often referred to as Australia’s racial capital with incredible museums and an almost limitless variety of bars and cafeterias. The larger population of Melbourne comes from different parts of the world, and this creates a very diverse community. As a result of this diversity, the labour market is large and accessible, especially for emigrants who focus in aeronautics, engineering, IT and finance.

With over 4.5 million residents, Sydney is Australia’s major city, and home to some of its most iconic tourist attractions. The unemployment rate in Sydney is below the country’s average, and the cost of transportation is one of the most inexpensive in the world

It is advisable that you start the process of job applications before you move to the country, as it may take a while (sometimes up to 1- 2 months) before you get a job.

6. In Times of Emergency, Call 000

Triple Zero (000) is the emergency number in Australia. Your call will then be routed to the police department, fire service or paramedics. The telephone operator will guide you through the process and help where necessary.

7. Know the Country’s Slang

Australians have slang that greatly affects the way they speak English. You will have to use slang like ‘skinny’ and ‘not so skinny’ beaches. Expressions such as Sunday sessions or Sunday seesch will become part of your vocabulary.

The phrase ‘No worries’ will probably have to be used at least 10-15 times a day, and an eraser is referred to as a rubber.

8. Sport is God

Australians have a great love of sporting activities, a tradition that has endured for well over 150 years. Within a few weeks of relocating, you will realize that sport is essential to all Aussies, and you will be encouraged to follow this trend.

To the rest of the world, football is the king of the sport, but Australians prefer AFL and rugby, so you might want to develop an interest in these sports.

9. Australians Do Not Give Tips

Although it’s common to give tips in some parts of the world, Australians do not have the same belief.  Due to the minimum working wage in Australia being high, it is unnecessary to give tips. Your choice to tip a person is based solely on how you feel about the service delivered and not as a course of necessity. All service charges are included in the bill, so you won’t have to worry about adding extra.

10. Sign up to Australian Online Groups

The fastest way to make a new friend is through the internet. So, before you eventually relocate, signup to many Australian online groups, you just might get a job or accommodation and make new friends through the group.

These tips should help ease your transition from your country into Australia.