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How To Fight And Protect Your Child Against Academic Honor Code Violation Accusations?

What should you do if your child has been charged with violating a college or university's academic code? You would probably hire an academic misconduct lawyer. But, is that all? Generally, academic honor code infractions used to include college students getting accused of utilizing "paper banks" to purchase other people's papers to pass off as theirs or, in a throwback to elementary school days, duplicating solutions from the next classmate during examinations. However, it was back then, and this is the present.

Besides hiring a lawyer, it is advisable to use the UGH (Understand, Gather, Habitualize) strategy, because a strong offense is always the greatest defense. 


Be aware of your professor's expectations.

Are there any particular citation styles they favor? Any established style guide? Many students aren't even aware that diverse types of papers in various subjects require completely different citation styles.

Although you do not need to be an expert in all of them, you should be aware of the citation style that your professor (and institution) prefers.

  • Recognize the accusation: Make sure to carefully study the accusation if you're being accused of a disciplinary infraction so that you are aware of what is being questioned.
  • Recognize the procedure: The majority of university behavior and academic standards are difficult to comprehend since academics do not expertise in crafting rules and laws. Many times, even those implementing them do not fully comprehend them. Here, your access to a defense lawyer who is also a student can be crucial.


Assemble the supporting evidence for your claim. Critical evidence may include notes, emails, and drafts of your activity in plagiarism and test instances.

The gathering could need expert assistance. Electronic evidence frequently seems to have been deleted and lost, but skilled computer forensic professionals can often recover the majority of that data. However, you should only hire such an expert if they are directed by a corporate attorney for you. Otherwise, the expert's activity will not be private and discreet.


Get into the habit of following practices that prevent plagiarism issues. Cite sources as you go. If you have a deadline approaching, do not leave formalize your citations till the climax of your paper. References should be used both during research and writing.

Develop the habit of leaving your phone at home. Put it away in your room. At most, tuck it away in your backpack before putting it someplace secure, yet out of grasp.

By using the UGH technique, you can reduce your likelihood of being charged and increase your chances of mounting a strong defense. Most essential, though, is don't dismiss these claims. Your academic transcripts serve as your professional resume. Make sure you guard them efficiently.