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How To Keep Firewood Bugs From Getting Cozy In Your Home

As the summer draws to a close you’ll start thinking about keeping warm in the winter and the amount of firewood you’ll need. It’s challenging as you won’t yet know how cold the winter is going to be. The trick is to have more than enough firewood to last even the coldest of winters.

However, you do need to consider your firewood and this is a common way for pests to enter your home and make themselves comfortable. You need to take steps to ensure firewood bugs can’t get into your home.

Book An Inspection

Check here and book an inspection with your local pest control specialist. They will inspect your house and yard, advising you regarding any existing infestation and the likelihood of you having another. They have extensive knowledge of all the firewood insects in your vicinity. They also know how to eliminate them, if you want or need to.

You should have your house and yard inspected every year. This will help to ensure any issue is picked up and dealt with early. It’s much easier that way.

Stack It s Far As Possible

A stack of firewood, some of which is likely to be decaying, is going to attract a variety of pests. Some will want to eat it, others hide in it. But, in all cases, if the stack of firewood is too close to the house the bugs will find it easy to move from their location to the house and cause an issue in your home.

To prevent this, make sure the firewood pile is at least three feet from the walls of your house, further is better.

Check Thoroughly

Naturally, some firewood will need to be brought into the house. The idea is to bring in just what you need for the day or evening. You can visually inspect the wood to ensure it looks good and there are no signs of pests.

In addition, store all wood brought inside in a metal bucket. This will make it difficult for pests to get out, allowing you to see what you’ve brought in and take steps to prevent them from causing issues in your home.

Keep It Dry

Dry firewood burns easier and hotter. That is one good reason to keep it dry. But, dry firewood is also better at keeping pests away. Most pests need moist places to live, your firewood pile is generally appealing in this manner.

While you will want to keep a big pile of firewood, you should rest it on a tarpaulin and cover it with some. This will help it to stay dry and keep most pests away.

It can help to lift the firewood off the ground, by using pallets or making a simple framework. This helps it to stay dry instead of absorbing moisture from the yard.

Naturally, most firewood won’t spend long in your home before it is burned. Just make sure it is always placed in the dedicated container. This helps to trap any pests, allowing you to identify and eliminate them.