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Why Mosquitos Are Such a Menace in Georgia and What to Do Against Them

You’ll find mosquitos anywhere in the US but there is no place where these pesky little insects are quite as troublesome as they are in Atlanta, GA. For the 6th year in a row, Atlanta has been on top of Orkin’s ’10 worst cities for mosquitos’ list. They are not just the uninvited quests at any cookout or family BBQ, these insects also pose a health risk for both humans and pets in the area.

When is the season for mosquitos in Atlanta, GA?

The season for mosquitos in Georgia normally runs from March up until October. However, if the temperatures remain mild, the mosquito problem in this area turns into a year-round problem for the locals. The breeding season for mosquitos in Georgia starts around March or April when temperatures climb above 50 degrees.

Why are mosquitos so dangerous?

When you think about dangerous bugs that carry diseases you are probably going to think of ticks that spread Lyme disease. And while you are not wrong, mosquitos in Atlanta, GA can transfer dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (commonly known as triple E) and dengue with their bite. Mosquito diseases are becoming more and more frequent in recent years according to the CDC.

Public health officials are not as concerned about the population of Asian tiger mosquitos in Atlanta, GA as these mosquitos do not carry diseases. The growing population of southern house mosquitos in Georgia however does raise a concern with recent studies showing that the amount of southern house mosquitos that carry the West Nile virus has jumped from 13% to an alarming 23% in the last year.

What can I do to protect my home against the mosquito problem?

There are several things that you can do to eliminate some of the insects in and around your home and minimize the risk of bites. The CDC and Georgia department of public health suggest using an insect repellant that contains DEET, picaridin, IR3535 or lemon eucalyptus oil to protect against mosquito bites. Or wear long sleeves and pants. Other things you can do to protect your home against mosquitos in Georgia are: Setting up big lights or bug zappers that take these bugs out.

  • Regularly clean and chlorinate your swimming pool. If you can keep the water moving in your pool it will keep mosquitos from laying eggs in it.
  • Seal off your home as much as possible by putting up window and door screens wherever you can and installing mosquito bed nets.
  • Remove standing water on your property. Common places where standing water is found around the house are toys, empty bottles, furniture covers, watering cans, flower vases or even a birdbath.
  • Fill in holes on your property that fill up and cause standing water after heavy rainfall.
  • Remove any debris that could cause standing water in your gutters as gutters can be a breeding ground for mosquitos in Georgia

The easiest way to get rid of mosquitos in Georgia

The easiest way to get rid of mosquitos is to hire a Mosquito service in Atlanta GA. Hiring a professional mosquito service like Ned Stevens means you hire a dedicated professional with specialized equipment to eliminate the mosquito problem safely and effectively. Our mosquito control with barrier treatment will protect both the outside of your house and your yard against further mosquito and tick infestations with the use of conventional or 100% organic treatment solutions. Even providing a discounted pricing for full-season treatment plans. The professionals of Ned Stevens can also help remove any debris and sources of standing water in gutters on your property